For Referring Partners

MercyOne Des Moines Home Care and Hospice & MercyOne Siouxland Home Care partner with physicians, case managers, and other clinical professionals to extend care into the home. Our skilled nurses and therapists provide enhanced care coordination, which improves your patients' care plan compliance.

Home Care

Our skilled home care services are proven to reduce readmissions to the hospital, reduce length of stay, and reduce cost.

A hospital stay is not required to qualify for services. We partner with hospitals, community physician offices, and skilled nursing facilities across the continuum of care. We consistently exceed state and national averages for quality of care and patient satisfaction. Contact us today to see how you and your patients can benefit from home care services.

Our referral process is simple, so that our mutual patients transition safely into service. Submit a referral for your patient using our express referral form.


Did you know that the number one hospice indicator in a patient 65 years of age or older is functional decline? If your patient is experiencing two or more of these indictors, it may be time to consider hospice.  We can help lead the conversation with your patient, their family and the patient’s care team.

  • Frequent falls.
  • Skin breakdown.
  • Increasing shortness of breath.
  • Multiple medications/frequent medication changes.
  • Multiple ER visits/hospitalizations.
  • Changed mental status.
  • Unintentional weight loss.
  • Recurrent/multiple infections.
  • Other diagnoses contributing to decline.
  • Increased assistance with ADLs.

Comfort and Dignity

Our dedicated team of caregivers, under the direction of the patient's physician, delivers 24-hour pain management and symptom control, ensuring our patients experience a pain-free life. Beyond physical care, we also offer emotional, psychological, social and spiritual support to both patients and their families. We understand that the journey doesn't end with the patient, and we are here to help family members and friends cope with the loss of their loved ones. 

Submit a referral for your patient using our express referral form.