Home Care

Home is where healing happens best. MercyOne Siouxland Home Care and MercyOne Des Moines Home Care's dedicated clinicians bring personalized medical care to you, helping you regain strength and independence at home after an illness, injury, or surgery.

Is Home Health Right for You?

Home health services support your recovery and rehabilitation journey. We can help if you:

  • Were recently discharged from a hospital or medical facility.
  • Had a major surgery like joint replacement.
  • Experienced a health event such as a stroke.
  • Have an ongoing illness requiring care, like heart disease or diabetes.
  • Need help with daily tasks like bathing.

If you’re interested in receiving home care services, request a referral from your doctor.

With one-on-one care from professionals, home care allows you to heal comfortably at home with lower infection risk and fewer disruptions to your routine. We offer thoughtfully tailored services to meet your needs:

Skilled Nursing

Our compassionate registered nurses deliver quality care grounded in expertise. We create custom treatment plans that consider your health history and goals. Our team works closely with your doctor and other providers to help you thrive at home.

Rehabilitation Therapy: Physical, Occupational and Speech-Language

MercyOne Siouxland Home Care and MercyOne Des Moines Home Care's licensed physical, occupational, and speech therapists provide personalized therapy in your home to help you recover mobility, communicate effectively, and regain confidence in daily activities.

Senior in Rehabilitation Therapy

Home Health Aides

Our caring home health aides help with daily activities like bathing and dressing, empowering patients to live comfortably at home.

Medication Management

MercyOne Siouxland Home Care and MercyOne Des Moines Home Care's medication management program simplifies home medication routines. We help track dosages, provide reminders, and educate on safe usage so you can focus on healing.

Senior checking her medication

Wound and Ostomy Care

Our expert wound care nurses specialize in diabetic, chronic, and other complex wounds. We take a comprehensive approach to promote wound healing and address any underlying conditions.

Trinity Health Home Care Connect™ Virtual Care

This user-friendly virtual care program allows remote tracking of vital signs, such as blood pressure and weight. Our skilled nurses watch for changes and intervene early, helping you manage your health and reducing hospitalization risk. 24/7 access to video chats with registered nurses provides an extra layer of support.

Fall Prevention

The Beyond Balance program helps reduce falls through home safety education, environment modifications, medication management, and balance therapy.

Social Work

Our licensed medical social workers offer counseling and education to both patients and family members. We provide emotional support, helping you adjust and cope during home health treatment.

Spiritual Care

In addition to medical services, our spiritual care team nurtures your spiritual and emotional well-being. We offer programs and counseling to uplift and sustain patients and loved ones.

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Do more than recover - thrive at home. Our compassionate providers make it possible with personalized, holistic medical care. Contact us today to experience the MercyOne Siouxland Home Care and MercyOne Des Moines Home Care difference.