Home Care Connect

The comforts of home and 24/7 medical support – that’s the peace of mind Home Care Connect™ provides.


Our advanced virtual care technology allows patients to manage their health from home with monitoring from our compassionate care team. In addition to in-person visits from our skilled staff, this innovative program enables secure video chats with a nurse 24 hours a day.


Patients feel more independent yet cared for, knowing help is always available. Most importantly, this responsive, round-the-clock support has saved lives.

How It Works
  • Patients receive an easy-to-use tablet and wireless medical devices, including a user-friendly blood pressure cuff, scale, and pulse oximeter. A nurse provides step-by-step training on the equipment.
  • Each day, patients follow simple guided prompts to record health readings and any symptoms they may be experiencing. Questions are tailored to their specific condition – for instance, patients with COPD will be asked to report on their breathing.
  • Data streams securely in real time to our 24/7 Virtual Care Center, where licensed RNs review the data and proactively address any concerning changes.
  • Patients can easily and instantly video chat with nurses through the tablet, like using FaceTime. Physicians and family members can also join these calls.


Transforming At-Home Care

Home Care Connect empowers patients by providing the tools and education to confidently manage their health at home, while our caring nurses monitor their progress in real time. This personalized approach enables life-changing, in-the-moment interventions.


Our secure remote technology, paired with an attentive clinical team, delivers unparalleled at-home care with improved outcomes.


  • Healthier at home:Since 2017, our program has reduced 30-day readmissions from 13% to 9.4%, helping patients avoid disruptive hospital returns and focus on recovery in their homes.
  • High patient satisfaction: In surveys, 94% of patients expressed satisfaction with the program, highlighting the personalized support and independence it provides.
  • Consistently knowledgeable care: 96% of patients found our dedicated remote nurses helpful and knowledgeable.


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